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ESAS koostas vahearuande EMP Vabaühenduste Fondile. Projekti eesmärk on suurperede teenuste ja vajaduste kaardistamine ning infokogumine. Lisaks sellele on eesmärgiks  ESASi jätkusuutlikkuse suurendamine. Vaata täpsemalt projektide alt.

Project sponsor: Project is supported by the NGO Fund of EEA Grants which is operated by the Open Estonia Foundation. „Raising the operational capabilty of Estonian Big Families Association“ Dear member of a big family, please fill in the survey. In that way we can understand better the needs of a big family. The aim of the project is to raise the operational capabilty of Estonian Big Families Association in supporting big families. During this project the needs of big families are surveyed (about 20 big families will be visited), different possibilities of getting help will be analyzed and there will be concentrated on these support offer`s that other organizations do not offer. We have started visiting families since September 2015. Above you can find a linked survey that is also related with this project.

In order to raise organization`s finance capability an action plan is being created, also a plan for raising donations during period from 2016 to 2020. For donators we have already made ESAS`s webpage more userfriendly. As a result we would like to involve in the project numerous donators so that ESAS´s finances can be used to support ESAS`s target group. We hope to support big families with the help they need the most. Project cost are 6341 EUR and period 9 months since May 2015

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